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Vaults Of Vvorr is a gravity-defying dungeon crawler adventure without the crawling but lots of frantic jumping, dashing, sliding and running on walls and ceilings! Explore gloomy caves, drop down huge mine shafts, enter the many vaults to collect treasures, battle undead creatures and recover the Seals of Vvorr!

The game is currently in development. The first chapter called "Aeron's Descent" has been released as a free stand-alone download. Chapter 2 is mostly done while the final and 3rd chapter is still work in progress.

The seals are needed to defeat the evil Vvorrlock, a mean mage who has unleashed an army of undead creatures upon the once peaceful landscapes of Plantylon. Our hooded hero Aeron is determined to put an end to the Vvorrlock's reign of terror and will dispose of his many minions with well-aimed kicks in their heads and his throwing knives.


  • gravity-defying retro arcade platformer action that allows to run on walls and even ceilings
  • one big overworld that can be traversed without loading times, interconnecting many caves, mine shafts and vaults to explore
  • XP system: Level up to unlock and improve skills like knife throwing, double jumping, air dashing and smashing
  • challenges like speedrun areas and bug racing
  • unlockable awardments (in-game achievements)
  • support for keyboard and gamepad controls (gamepad recommended, optimized for Xbox controller)
  • original SID chiptune soundtrack and pixel art graphics
StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
GenrePlatformer, Action, Adventure, Racing
TagsArcade, chiptune, Gravity, jumping, Pixel Art, Retro, Speedrun
Average sessionA few seconds
LanguagesGerman, English
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller, Gamepad (any)

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Deleted 10 days ago

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it! If there's anything you think could be improved, just let me know!

Deleted 10 days ago

Would love to have the game run in a browser but I'm still using XNA, so that's not possible. Also, I don't think the game would control well on a phone, it's rather designed for a gamepad. If I ever made a version for mobile, I would have to simplify the controls.

Deleted 10 days ago

We got a chance to play this weekend, it was super fun!  We played with a controller and the game felt really good.  Thank you for saving the "mini games" and not making us re-get the gems when we die, and the checkpoints throughout the game were very well placed !

Some comments:

* Sound on menu - We felt this was a bit too high pitched and we had to turn down the sound because it kind of hurt our ears a bit :-P 

* We spent a lot of time going back up the tunnel and trying to get all the gems (didn't realize the "exit" brought us to the top :-P).  I think then we missed some text about our new abilities.  It might be good to indicate somewhere in the UI that a new ability has been unlocked or available rather than the in-game positional text (was easy to miss).

* In the mini-games (the three doors at the bottom of the level), the light flickering was a bit distracting (maybe tone down the flicker?)

* Not sure if this is a bug or not - but we found that if you run on a ceiling, then fall, you can do a second jump before you land.  This is before we got the double jump ability.

BTW I really liked the controller - it worked perfectly.  

We know this an early version, but we are really looking forward to new updates and playing more!  Thanks for sharing with us :-D

Thank you so much for playing my game and providing feedback, much appreciated! I'm glad that you enjoyed it and that the controls feel right to you.

Regarding your comments:

  • Toning down some of the sound FX as well as the torch flickering in the vaults are already on my tasklist.
  • True, the award notification can be missed easily depending on what the player is doing while it pops up. I'm not certain how to tackle a better indication of new abilities yet. Actually, I like the reduced HUD and given the amount of skills you can unlock, I wouldn't like to clutter up the HUD with skill icons. Have to think more about this one.
  • The ability to jump after dropping from a ceiling run is intended and not a bug. It's actually mentioned in one of the tutorial messages but these can obviously be missed, too. The ceiling run is one of the central mechanics of the game and many level sections are designed around it, which becomes more prominent later in Chapter 1. There are rooms where you can switch between different parts of the ceiling and never have to touch the ground, which is even required in a time trial and one of the bug races. You probably haven't played that far, the demo might be too lengthy I fear.

Again, thank you very much, this is really helpful feedback that's provided me some food for thought!

Ahh okay!  Yea we will need to keep playing, we weren't able to finish the whole chapter.  Although that may be partially due to me wanting to go through the long drop near the beginning over and over to try to catch all the gems :-P I really enjoyed trying to optimize and fine-tune my moves!

We will give a try again in the future to see more of the content!

It's great to hear that you enjoyed replaying the mine shaft! Actually, they're supposed to be played several times because there are so many gems and seals in them you can't possibly collect all of them in one go. You might also notice how yellow gems are better collected when falling while blue gems are easier to grab while wallrunning. Once you reach the Shrine at the end of the chapter, you'll also unlock time trials and boost barrels in the mine shafts! Let me know how you like the rest of the chapter!